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The last part of the UNIVERSUM History series will air on ORF 2 this coming week. As in previous episodes, the story of a family from one of the regions of Austria is told and this time the focus is on Vienna. The screenplay, written by director Katharina Heigl and Michaela Ronzoni, chronicles the events of the last century of the Jewish Erdheim family.

In a somewhat tense Christmas scene I was able to personify Peter Erdheim, the brother of Oskar Erdheim (Franz Matthias Stein) and the spouse of Tony Erdheim (Barbara Grahsl). 

Director: Katharina Heigl
Director of photography: Marco F. Zimprich
Casting: Marion Rossmann
Production: Satel Film, ORF
Cast: Claudia Erdheim, Daniela Golpashin, Hary Prinz, Erwin Steinhauer, Matthias Franz Stein, Larissa Emsenhuber, Anette Holzmann, Michael Schusser, Tony Matzl, Barbara Grahsl, Yara Höfer, Lillie Schlegl, Linda Fürschuss, Tamina Eckhardt and Florian Raphael Schwarz 

Universum History