Header Tony Matzl


Contact: tony.matzl@gmail.com

Date of birth: 1982

Place of birth: St.Pölten/Austria

Residence: Vienna

Housing options: Munich, Berlin, London, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney

Height: 5‘11‘‘

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: brown

Figure: slim/sporty (clothes size: 46-48)

Nationality: Austria

Language: German (mother tongue), English (fluently)

Dialects: viennese, lower austrian, bavarian

Accents: french, italian, indian, turkish

Driving licences: car (B), motorcycle (A), truck (C1), truck hanger (C1E)

Chant: barytone (soul, jazz, funk, musical, rock, classical, choir, chanson)

Sport: cycling, swimming, running, table tennis, billiard, fencing, bowling

Dance: ballroom dance (basic knowledge)

Various: singer, presenter, speaker, pitchman, synchronizer, voice imitator, bartender

Acting Education:  
~ 10.2009 – 06.2012 Schauspielakademie Elfriede Ott
~ 06.2012 Acting degree by the austrian acting parity commision
~ 2012 Screen Acting Masterclass “The naked face” with David Penn
~ 2014 Casting workshop with casting director Eva Roth
~ 2015 Casting workshop with casting director Nicole Schmied
~ 2016 Casting workshop with casting director Rita Waszilovics and Grazyna Dyla

Singing education:
~ 1993 – 1997 Vienna Boys Choir
~ 2013 private singing lessons with René Rumpold and Romana Carén
~ 2016 – 2017 private singing lessons with CVT vocal coach Monika Ballwein


2017, “Anna Fucking Molnar”
Role: Soldier at the play „Reigen“ (Schnitzler)
Director: Sabine Derflinger
Production: Novotny & Novotny, Witcraft, MR Film

2011, “Spanien”
Role: Mobile seller (Handyverkäufer)
Director: Anja Salomonowitz
Production: DOR Film

2009, “Blutsfreundschaft”
Role: Hustler (Strichjunge)
Director: Peter Kern
Production: Novotny & Novotny

2008, “La Bohéme”
Role: Stand-in for Rolando Villazón
Director: Robert Dornhelm
Production: MR Film, Unitel, Classica, ORF, ZDF


2018, “Universum History”
Unser Österreich, Wien: Geschichte aus der Vorstadt
Role: Peter Erdheim
Director: Katharina Heigl
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Satel Film

2016, “Soko Donau”
Episode 156 – Tigran der Unsichtbare
Role: Prison Officer (Justizwachebeamter)
Director: Erhard Riedelsperger
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Satel Film

2015, “Tatort”
Episode 950 – Gier
Role: Factory employee (Labormitarbeiter)
Director: Robert Dornhelm
Broadcaster: ORF/ARD
Production: e&a film

2014, “Copstories”
Episode 26 – Hin und her
Role: Lawyer/Ork (Anwalt / Ork)
Director: Umut Dag
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Gebhardt Productions

2012, “Piratenfunk Franz Ferdinand”
Episode 49 – Weltrekordversuch
Role: World record taker (Weltrekordabnehmer)
Director: Irfan Rehman
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Tower 10 Kids TV

2011, “Schnell Ermittelt”
Episode 32 – Jonas Wultz
Role: Policeman (Polizist)
Director: Andreas Kopriva
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: MR Film

2011, “Die Abstauber”
Role: Security Guard (Security)
Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: MR Film


2019, “Neubeginn”
Role: Peter
Director: Alexander Peskador
Production: Alexander Peskador, Ferdinand Koestler

2019, “Try To”
Role: John
Director: Luca Werner-Tutschku
Production: Luca Werner Tutschku, Daniel Leskowschek

2018, “Rebound Guy”
Role: Bartender (Barkeeper)
Director: Dominik Brauweiler
Production: Philipp Grandits

2018, “Das Probespiel”
Role: Tamas
Director: Guy Lichtenstein
Production: Bachelor thesis for the Filmakademie Wien

2018, “Baby On Board”
Role: Schmitti
Director: Alexander Schinzel
Production: Alexander Schinzel

2018, “Alpha Bravo Cheese”
Role: Indian Investor
Director: Laurent Fischer-See
Production: Indivisualz Filmproduction

2017, “Wolfman Solutions”
Season 2, Episode 3 “Schnitzeljagd”
Role: Receiver #1 (Hehler #1)
Director: Manuel Sefciuc
Production: Wolfman Productions

2017, “Bebo sucht das Glück”
Season 3 „Bebositting“
Role: Herr Biedermann
Director: Irfan Rehman
Production: Irfan Rehman, Paul Koch

2017, “1000 und eine Welt”
Role: Jakob
Director: Verena Mühling
Production: Verena Mühling

2016, “Hercules”
Role: Pascal
Director: Florian Krischke
Production: Philipp Uhl – Florian Krischke

2016, “Funny Fawkes”
Role: Kidnapper #1
Director: Laurenz Fischer-See
Production: Indivisualz Filmproduction

2014, “Wolfman Solutions”
Season 1, Episode 4 “Leichtathletik Wettbewerb”
Role: Grandson (Enkelsohn / s´Enkerl)
Director: Konstantin Seebacher
Production: Wolfman Productions

2014, “Die Ankunft”
Role: Priest (Pfarrer)
Director: Silvio Lenglachner
Production: Bachelor thesis for SAE Vienna

2013, “Beyond Stories”
Role: Horatio, Man
Director: Clara Wolf
Production: Clara Wolf – Janine Koth

2013, “Crazy Ex”
Role: Sascha
Director: Felix Wech
Production: WB Productions

2012, “Alles immer jetzt”
Role: Markus
Director: Helena Herb
Production: Helena Herb

2012, “Erdbeereis mit Marzipan”
Role: Father (Vater)
Director: Jessica Packert
Production: Jessica Packert

2011, “Where the wild roses grow”
Role: Leon
Director: Romana Caren
Production: WHAT ART Creative Productions

2010, “Rosebud”
Role: Michael Henderson
Director: Marco Di Lorenzo
Production: Production for the Freitagsrunde


2019, “Never Be Yours”
Artist: My Ugly Clementine
Role: desk clerk, guy at the record store
Director: Christian Fischer, Sophie Lindinger

2014, “As Sure As Sunrise”
Artist: Logistics
Role: main-character
Director: Lauren Klocker, Georg Goldarbeiter

2013, “Stronger”
Artist: NDS vs. Tom E.
Role: boyfriend
Director: Tom E.

2013, “Downtown Stoned”
Artist: Kiss Me Yesterday
Role: brother in law
Director: Clara Wolf


2018, “Karl MayBe – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse”
(Bruno Max)
Role: Winnetou
Director: Bruno Max
Venue: Theater im Bunker Mödling

2016, “The story of Sorry”
(Michael Schuberth)
Role: Hero
Director: Michael Schuberth
Venue: Theater Spielraum

2015, “The story of Sorry”
(Michael Schuberth)
Role: Hero
Director: Michael Schuberth
Venue: Festival der Weiblichkeit

2014, “Shakespeare in love”
(Marc Norman, Tom Stoppard)
Role: Hugh Fennyman
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Summer theater Mödling

2013, “The three musketeers”
(Alexandre Dumas)
Role: Jussac
Director: Anselm Lipgens
Venue: Kulturszene Kottingbrunn

2013, “All is well that ends well”
(William Shakespeare)
Role: Bertram
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Summer theater Mödling

2013, “An enemy of the people”
(Henrik Ibsen)
Role: Billing
Director: Gerhard Werdeker
Venue: Theater Spielraum

2012, “Jura Soyfer Revue – The end of the world”
Role: Comet Konrad, Jura Soyfer, Edi Lechner, Radiosef Huber
Director: Andreas Kosek
Venue: Cracow, Vrsac, Vienna

2012, “Klimt (Aber nicht nur!)”
Scenes by Schnitzler combined with paintings of Klimt
Role: Anatol (Anatol), He (Halbzwei)
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Stadtgalerie Mödling

2012, “A midsummer night’s dream”
(William Shakespeare)
Role: Demetrius
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Summer theater Mödling

2010, “Ups and downs”
(Johann Nestroy)
Role: Wilm, Clerk, Cousin Wachsweich, Stafettenreiter, Watchman
Director: Elfriede Ott
Venue: Summer theater Maria Enzersdorf