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Tony Matzl was born 1982 in St.Pölten (AT) and grew up in Herzogenburg until he was seven years old. During this time he attended the local music school where he took private piano lessons. Additionally he was part of the local choir. A friend of the family, singer songwriter of children’s songs Paul Sieberer noticed Tony’s talented voice very early on and provided him the opportunity as a five year old to be part of one of his productions. Three years later, Tony auditioned for the Vienna Boys Choir and became a member of the famous choir the following year. The first four month long tour took Tony to Japan and Australia at the age of ten. Until 1997 was part of tours to North America, Switzerland, Germany, England, Columbia, Mexico and South America.

Following those exciting years Tony decided to become a car mechanic. He worked in this profession until 2009. In 2002 Tony served his mandatory military service at the military unit in St. Pölten / Lower Austria as EMT Driver and got his truck driving license.

In 2007 Tony applied for a summer theater production where he found his passion for acting. During this time he met the austrian director Werner Sobotka who supported him and recommended acting lessons to Tony. While still working as a mechanic Tony spent every free minute between 2007 and 2009 in theater and movie productions and additionally took private acting lessons with Bernhard Murg. One of the most impressive and memorable collaboration to Tony, was the work with director Robert Dornhelm, who directed the movie “La Bohéme” in 2008. Tony worked as Stand-in for Rolando Villazón in this prduction and gained his first experience in front of a camera. However, Tony didn’t advance his acting carrier only, he was quite active as a singer as well.

In 2009 he joined the Favorhythm Gospel Singers and performed solo until 2012 as Vocalist / MC in several venues be it House, Minimal, Techno. In 2009 Tony finally decided to apply for the acting academy Elfriede Ott and was immediately accepted for the following term. Tony graduated in 2012. Following his graduation Tony appeared in several movies, TV- series, short films, music videos, theater, summer theater and commercials.