Wolfman Solutions Season 2

The premiere of the second season of WOLFMAN SOLUTIONS took place on March the 5th, 2018 at the Kulturszene Kottingbrunn in Lower Austria. Since 2013, WOLFgang Rauh and MANuel Sefciuc (WOLFMAN) have been working together on the ten miniseries, which they both wrote the scripts for and financed out of their own pockets. I was able to make a small contribution in Season 1 – Episode 4 and Season 2 – Episode 3.

The impressive output of the Austrian “Bud Spencer and Terence Hill”, “Kottan Detected”, and “Starsky and Hutch” is now available on DVD at: www.wolf-man.at

For further seasons, or maybe even a movie, finding producers is key.

Director: Manuel Sefciuc
Director of photography: Konstantin Seebacher
Screenplay: Wolfgang Rauh und Manuel Sefciuc
Cast: Wolfgang Rauh, Manuel Sefciuc, Simone Fröhlich, Christopher Seiler, Bernhard Speer, Gabriele Gold, Tony Matzl, Benedikt Paulun, Franziska Hetzel, Reinhold Moritz, Gerald Walsberger, Anselm Lipgens, Reinhard Steiner, and many more…

Thanks guys for the opportunity! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of your future plans and projects!!! 😉

99 Fire Films Festival 2018

“Alpha Bravo Cheese” is the name of the new short film by INDIVISUALZ FILMPRODUCTION, which lasts just 99 seconds and made it into the top 100 of 3000 submissions at the 99th Fire Films Festival. This year’s theme was “I‘m lovin it”. What the guys and myself made of it you can see under SHOWREELS in the menu.

Director: Laurenz Fischer-See
Director of photography: Oliver Steffek
Screenplay: Laurenz Fischer-See, Florian Krischke, Ip Wischin
Cast: Anna Zucker, Tony Marossek and Tony Matzl

Recording vocals in the studio

In order to be able to show not only my voiceover skills but also my singing side, I freed myself for a few days and visited the recording studio SoundDesignStudios Lenzelot by Lawrence Karla.

To check out the results head to the VOICE section of the menu.

“Anna Fucking Molnar” in cinema NOW!

Finally …. after more than a year, “Anna Fucking Molnar” with the working title “Komplett von der Rolle” is in the local cinemas.

With a small supporting role as a soldier in the play “Reigen“, set at the Theater an der Josefstadt and acting alongside Nina Proll (who is not only the lead actor but also wrote the script with Ursula Wolschlager) and my play partner Dolores Winkler, I was able to make a contribution to this comedic film about an actress who is exposed to ups and downs in her professional and private life.

Director: Sabine Deflinger
Director of photography: Carsten Thiele
Screenplay: Nina Proll and Ursula Wolschlager
Cast: Nina Proll, Murathan Muslu, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Mavie Hörbiger, Gregor Bloéb, Markus Schleinzer, and much more …

Many thanks to Rita Waszilovics who cast me for this role and more or less made my first small role in a movie possible, and of course to the ENTIRE film crew, as well as the production companies Novotny & Novotny, Witcraft and MR Film!

Advertising shoot for Loisium

In October 2017, I participated in a photo shoot for Loisium Langenlois, which took place in Langenlois/Lower Austria.

Loisium is known for its numerous offers of national and international winegrowers, the spa area, the modern rooms, the seminar rooms, and the great cuisine. Not to be forgotten is of course the Weinerlebniswelt (World Of Wine), which offers guests the chance to explore the wine cellars and includes a wine tasting. For nearly two days, photographer Mischa Nawrata took one picture after another for a variety of subjects, which the ladies of the management, Julia Polzer and Sandra Dibl kindly prepared.

You can find the step-by-step pictures with my partner Lisa Rohrmeier on my Facebook or Instagram page. While you’re there, why not click the follow button? 😉

Naked Kitchen


In August 2017 I was asked by Nicolai Reimond, organizer of the “Naked Kitchen“, if I would like to present his event and to accompany it with vocals.

Now the first question is: “What is Naked Kitchen?”

This event is a “bare” location such as vault room, car workshop, porcelain manufacturer, etc., where a 5-course menu from some of the best chefs is prepared directly on site.

Of course, I  also wanted to taste the culinary offerings to ensure the chefs knew their stuff and finally on the 8th, 9th and 10th of september, together with the international Deejay SUGARSTARR in the tractor factory Vienna in the 21st district, we were able to bring the party vibe where guests were able to show off their best dance moves.


Photo: Philipp Lipiarski

“1000 and one world”

The application film “1000 and one world” (German: “1000 und eine Welt”) by Verena Mühling is about Jakob, who is unemployed and, as a result of his precarious situation, is not at peace with himself and his environment. His struggle with jealousy complicates his life further. The film was shot in February 2017.

Director and Screenplay: Verena Mühling
Director of photography: Verena Mühling
Cast: Magdalena Bönisch, Tony Matzl, Christopher Korkisch

Vocalist & MC

On August 18th, 2017 it was time again…
I could not resist a request from Susanne Mathurin for a house event called CLUB VINO by Oliver Pusswald, for which they were looking for a vocalist and MC.
40 winegrowers presented their latest creations in the Weikersdorf/Baden Castle at this wine tasting event to the beats of Rodney Hunter, Dj Solandro, and James Illusion.

In the future, this is a must for every wine lover, trust me!

Part of the Choir – Andrea Bocelli World Tour 2017

It’s been almost exactly 20 years since I last stood on a stage with such a huge choir and orchestra. This time it was as part of a group of nearly a hundred people. With Marcello Rota (son of Nino Rota) conducting and Andrea Bocelli singing arias such as “Nessun Dorma”, “Time To Say Goodbye” and “Nelle Tue Mani”, it was a breathtaking and overwhelming experience.

To be part of this collective and to perform for 7000 people in an open air concert at Messe Congress Graz (July the 8th, 2017) and 5000 spectators at the TipsArena Linz (July the 9th, 2017) was an indescribable experience for me. Goosebumps and endless gratitude were the biggest reward.

Special thanks to Florian Reithner, the choirmaster and former Vienna Boys Choir colleague, who hired me and skillfully prepared the choir.